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New Ratings Criteria – for juniors

  • Juniors start at a 10.2 rating and then need 4 qualifying wins to move up to a 10.1 rating. Another 4 wins will move them up to 9.2, then  again to 9.1, then again to 8.2
  • From 8.2 upwards, a player will need 6 qualifying wins and a 60% qualifying win to qualifying loss ratio to increase to the next level and this must be achieved within a ratings run period.
  • A qualifying win is a win against a player rated the same or higher than you, however a qualifying loss will be changed to be a loss against only players rated lower than you.

Junior Competition Age Groups

The competition age group a player will compete in for the upcoming season will be determined by their age on the last date of that upcoming competition season.

Winter Season : 1st September - 31st March

Summer Season : !st April - 31st August






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